Help to Buy Mortgages Scheme

Help to Buy Mortgages Scheme

The government want to give first time buyers some help, this is why they have set up the affordable housing scheme. Find out more by speaking to one of our advisors.

First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers

Being a first time buyer can be confusing, there is a lot of information to try and understand. This is where we can help, speak to our consultants today.

Afforable Housing Loans

Afforable Housing Loans

When looking for an affordable housing loan, it is important that you talk to us to find out the best deals that will suit you.

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Help To Buy Mortgages Scheme

The Help to Buy mortgages scheme are looking to try and enhance the property growth offering deposits on properties from as little as 5%. The government scheme is split into two ways and is based on houses and homes upto the value of £600k.

Guarantees are available on both existing homes and new build houses with a standard mortgage of up to 95% of the buying cost and price. Equity Loans are available only on new build homes using an equity loan of 20% purchase price plus a traditional mortgage.


Both of these ways are introduced where the advantages are for the buyers being able to take out loans on both new or pre-owned properties because the 5% deposit required along with amazing interest rates should promote a buyers market for buyers or upgrading an existing home to move up the property ladder and this was difficult for most people.

Help To Buy Mortgage Government Schemes

This mortgages scheme guarantee is one way to capitalise on the advantages of the affordable housing loans mortgages scheme and this basically is where the government are making this possible to the estate agents by guaranteeing repayment to the lenders. The repayment and application to take out these mortgages are the same as it would be a normally, however the help to buy scheme will increase your chances of securing the one you require with less deposits needed and competitive interest rates For eligibility to use this mortgages scheme then the property must be upto the value of £600k and not over, must be your only property in the United Kingdom.

An equity loan is the other option available where the government loan the buyer upto 20% of the cost of the new home allowing a 5% deposit and then 75% mortgage however the equity loan option is only available from approved house builders. This mortgages scheme basically allows you to own a home however upon the sale of the property then 20% of the sale cost will need to be paid back which may be more than the original loan amount if the house price has increased. This is also available to both first time buyers and existing home owners, upto the value of 600k and the property needs to be in the UK.

What are Affordable Housing Loans?

Affordable housing loans are part of the lastest government property scheme. The scheme is helping homeowners have the chance to climb the property ladder and also to help aid new buyers not have the large 20% deposit which is being asked by estate agents at present and the loan could mean deposits of as little as 5%. If you want to capitalise on these great offers which are now available please fill in the contact form and we will look to get back to you with all the possible options, advice and advantages you might be entitled too.

You will be assigned your very own dedicated affordable housing loans specialist, who'll go through the documents with you. They'll also be dealing with the lenders, solicitor and surveyors at each phase, making certain everything goes smoothly from beginning to end. There are lots of options that we will supply details for, such as 95% mortgages from UK government deals which will help you to get an ideal house. Our goal is to make the process for getting a home as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Feel free to contact our team to obtain extra advice on the best methods for yourself.

Getting your very first home is an exciting time, though with a great number of plans to set up and queries to be resolved it could be a little complicated. These specialists will be around to answer questions you might have and ensure you’re well informed about the full strategy of trying to get a mortgage loan. There are a selection of expenses involved when purchasing a house, but we will assist you through each component making it as uncomplicated as possible.

Home Loan Specialists

Lots of options are around to assist first time buyers with applying and we will advise you on each unique plan. A number of options can be offered for things such as shared equity strategies, and our team will advise you on everything associated with this. Through using one of those programs, you may be equipped to get the ideal house which is economical for you.

In April 2013 the UK introduced this mortgage program, this permits people to use a down payment of just 5% to purchase a house. Having already helped more than 10,000 first time buyers and home sellers, the plans are now increasingly popular. As we are a top home agents we have expert knowledge of schemes and can also supply free whole of market guidance. Our experts will help you during every part and also give more information on purchasing your property. 

Mortgage Consultants Near Me

During our services, we will appoint you with your own dedicated mortgage consultant who can discover the best suited option available to you. The exact same consultant will assist with forms and work with government agents to make certain that your house purchasing process will be as smooth as it can be.

For new build properties, a loans can be available with good value interest rates from some contractors. As a minimum a 5% down payment is necessary to receive a 20% equity loan from the UK government, combined with a 75% mortgage through a qualified lender.

The following part for the government scheme is the mortgage guarantee approach. This offers first time buyers and house movers access to 95% home mortgages, 15% of this will be provided by the UK government. Both new buildsand pre-existing houses are eligible for this stage of the strategy.

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