Tracker Rate Mortgages

Tracker Rate Mortgages

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Getting Mortgage Rates

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Specialist Mortgage Advice

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Tracker Rate Mortgages

If you need assistance with trying to understand tracker rate mortgages we can provide you with expert advice to help you find the perfect solution for what you want.

We can review your needs and provide professional assistance to get the best tracker mortgages for you. If you’re buying a property, remortgaging or selling a current house, we'll support you with looking for tracker mortgage finance.


One of our specialist tracker mortgage advisors can be appointed to provide personalised help and advice and assist with all aspects of finding and getting a mortgage loan. Our experts will also deal with the solicitor and lender to ensure an easy process.

There are a variety of home loan options which we will offer details for, including 95% mortgages and tracker mortgages from UK government strategies that will help you get the perfect property.

Finding a tracker rate mortgage does not need to be confusing, and your advisor will do what they can to ensure that your property purchasing experience will be good.

Contact our professionals right now to discover more about how we can help discover the ideal tracker mortgage offers.

What are Tracker Mortgages?

Tracker mortgages are an option that allows for a variable rate. It tracks the Bank of England base rate at a precise margin.

A tracker mortgage differs from fixed-rate mortgages as interest rates may fluctuate based on the Bank of England base rate. 

So, your monthly instalments and interest rates toward your tracker mortgage may go up and down throughout your agreement.

Tracker mortgage advisors

It might be perplexing when you have many questions about purchasing a home, changing interest rates and obtaining your first mortgage.

Using the assistance of our skilled advisors, you can learn what you need to know regarding the amount it will cost you in mortgage payments, along with what you can borrow.

You may also get guidance on other additional expenses, including legal costs and surveys that might be carried out to take out a variable rate mortgage. 

Many options are around to assist home buyers with getting a tracker rate mortgage loan, and our specialists can advise you about different strategies.

Shared equity lending options and several other packages could be used to help in looking for tracker mortgages.

Based on exactly what is best for you, one of these options could help you to buy the house of your dreams.

What is the Difference Between a Tracker and Variable Mortgage?

The main difference between a tracker mortgage and a variable-rate mortgage is that tracker-rate mortgages are contingent on the Bank of England base rate instead of the lender's Standard Variable Rate, or SVR. 

Therefore, with a tracker mortgage, you are guaranteed to benefit from any reductions in the base rate. 

On the other hand, if the Bank of England's rate increases, your interest rates rise. That's just how tracker mortgages work. 

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of tracker mortgage deals. 

What is the Difference Between a Tracker and a Fixed-Rate Mortgage?

The main difference between a tracker mortgage and a fixed-rate mortgage is that your mortgage and interest payments will vary with a tracker mortgage, whereas your payments will not change with a fixed-rate mortgage. 

A tracker mortgage may be less expensive than an SVR mortgage and even more foreseeable as the changes are not up to the lender. So, your tracker mortgage rates may be much lower than any fixed interest rate fees. 

What is the Benefit of a Tracker Mortgage?

There are many benefits to taking out a tracker mortgage:

Lower Payments

The primary benefit associated with a tracker mortgage is that if the base rate drops, so will your monthly payments and interest rate. 

So, dependent on the economy, you could make much lower payments than if you were on a fixed-rate mortgage or a standard variable rate mortgage. 

Greater Flexibility

Another benefit is that your lender cannot choose to change your mortgage rate as it is completely dependent on the Bank of England's base rate. 

However, if the rate drops, in most cases, you can still choose to make higher payments and overpay. The benefit is that you can pay off your mortgage quicker by deciding to stay at a higher rate than you can afford rather than taking the lower rate available to you. 

Upper-limit Cap

Many tracker mortgage offers have an upper-limit cap, so if the base rate increases dramatically, you will never have to pay an extortionate amount. 

Lenders that offer a tracker mortgage will place a cap on your rate, meaning regardless of the base rate, your rate will never exceed this limit. 

Early Repayment Charges

Often tracker mortgages do not incite an early repayment charge if you wish to make extra payments toward your mortgage loan. 

Other mortgages, such as fixed-rate mortgages, will typically charge homeowners to make early payments. 

So, a tracker deal might be ideal if you want to avoid early repayment charges. 

How to Find a Great Tracker Mortgage Deal

If you are looking for a great tracker mortgage deal then we can guide you to find the ideal option to suit your needs.

To find these deals, you can follow these steps:

  1. Understand what your budget is and how much you can afford.
  2. Take a look at the variety of providers that are on the market. 
  3. Talk to some specialists who can advise you on the right deals that suit your needs. 
  4. Ensure you properly understand the deal and your monthly payments before proceeding. 

These are just a few ways in which you can ensure you are finding the mortgage rates that are right for you. Just talk to us today to find out more by filling out the enquiry form provided. 

What is the Typical Lifetime of a Tracker Mortgage?

In general, tracker mortgages tend to last around two to five years.

After your tracker mortgage has finished, you will need to move to another option, such as a fixed rate mortgage. 

You can take out a tracker mortgage for a longer period if you wish. For example, lifetime tracker mortgages are tracker mortgages that last for the entire home loan duration. 

So, if you were to purchase a property with a 20-year term, your lifetime tracker mortgage would last for 20 years. 

Getting a Property

There are many plausible alternatives to tracker mortgages that you can consider. 

The UK government unveiled the Help to Buy initiative in 2013, designed to help people purchase a property using a deposit of just 5%.

It has now assisted many people in purchasing their first house or relocating to a new one. Being a top home loan advisor, we have specialist knowledge regarding plans and can provide free whole market advice.

Our team can assist you throughout every single process step and deliver more info on purchasing your home.

Specialist Tracker Mortgage Advice

One of our specialist home loan experts will look at your needs and work to get the ideal tracker rate mortgages for you with affordable monthly mortgage payments.

Together with advising you on the several choices, we’ll also aid with completing paperwork and working with every single part of the plan.

As an alternative to tracker mortgages, the equity loan system is accessible on newly built houses from some contractors and offers good interest rates.

You’ll have to provide a minimum deposit of 5%, which lets you acquire a government equity loan of 20%, plus a 75% lender mortgage.



The guarantee program is part of a UK government project. This will give new buyers and house movers the means to access 95% mortgages; the government provides 15% of this.

Existing properties and new builds can both be bought through this plan.

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