First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers

If you are a first time buyer and you would like help with your mortgage, our team can offer you assistance. Please fill in our contact form now for more information.

Mortgages for First Time Buyers

Mortgages for First Time Buyers

We have a range of mortgages for first time buyers, so please get in touch with our team today if you would like assistance.

1st Time Buyer Mortgage Advice

1st Time Buyer Mortgage Advice

We offer 1st time buyer mortgage advice to anyone who needs it. If you would like to speak to our team, please complete our enquiry form now.

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First Time Buyers

Getting onto the property ladder for the first time can be exciting!  However, it can also be fairly tricky if you’re not sure what to expect. 

There is a wealth of help and advice available for first time buyers which means you should be able to get your foot onto the first rung of the ladder after just a few simple consultations with a mortgage advice expert. 

However, there are also going to be a few things you’ll need to bear in mind when it comes to applying for your first mortgage.

There are fees, surveys, reports, application forms and more besides which you will need to consider.  An advisor will help you get off on the right foot by looking at the best possible deals and rates for your current situation. 

Buying a house for the first time isn’t always simple.  With the housing market always changing, and with plenty of first-time purchasers relying on a loan or two from Mum and Dad, each application is going to look slightly different.

Buying a house for the first time?  Need help understanding how a mortgage works?  We’re here for you.

Help for First Time Buyer

Help for 1st time buyers is always available from our local team of advice experts.  We work with thousands of individuals, couples and families each year who are completely new to mortgages and what they entail. 

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can offer to first-time buyers, however, is that they make sure they are ‘mortgage-ready’.  That means making sure that their credit file is healthy and ready to face up to the scrutiny of lenders they may be applying to.

Here are a few great ways to make sure you are ready to take on a home loan.  Do be aware that this may take months of preparation!

  • Make sure to pay your bills on time. Avoid paying late on credit cards and any other agreements in particular.
  • Make sure you are registered on the electoral roll. This will be used to help identify you, and to confirm that you are living in the country. 
  • Ensure to save up for a deposit. Lenders may have access to details which show whether or not you have been saving money regularly and will use this as a good sign that you will be able to pay any upfront fees as well as ongoing charges.
  • Make sure you have paid off any outstanding debt you may have remaining. Student loans won’t count – but bank loans and overdrafts will.

Your credit rating will be your biggest asset when it comes to securing your first mortgage.  Therefore, it makes sense to try and be as financially sensible as possible in the run-up to buying a property!

Mortgages for First Time Buyers

Many people worry that the property market won’t favour first time owners.  This is hardly ever the case.  There are a number of specialist products, deals and services which can help get new owners onto the property ladder for the first time. 

As the closest experts many people have in finding their ideal first mortgage, we are proud to be able to source and suggest fantastic mortgages for 1st time buyers which fit a wide range of financial profiles.

There is never any need to worry about buying a house for the first time.  First-time buyers will likely have plenty of questions and concerns.  We therefore offer an impartial, understanding service whereby we will consult with you on all the aspects of first-time buying that you may not be sure about.

Best Mortgage Rates for First Time Buyers

What are the best mortgage rates for 1st time buyers?  This is a question that isn’t so easy to answer.  That’s because rates can vary and depend on who is applying!  Home loan rates can change with the wider market and certain deals can be unlocked for certain people.

However, we always advise keeping a lookout for the types of mortgage available to buyers which fall under ‘fixed' and ‘variable'.  Most mortgages, if not all, can fall under these umbrellas.  A fixed mortgage offers you a monthly rate which is – of course – fixed for a certain period of time. 

A variable rate can, again, fairly obviously, vary depending on lender rates of interest.  While fixed-rate mortgages can give you peace of mind and security during your repayment schedule, they may often be levelled at a higher cost than that what you may expect from a variable loan.

Therefore, it is always worth discussing your needs and preferences with an advisor if you’re unsure which option to take!

First-Time Buyers Mortgage

We support first-time buyers plans which offer flexibility and competitive rates of interest.  We will never advise you take out deals which you can’t feasibly afford or manage for the long term. 

We make sure to try and understand your current situation and to consider future opportunities for you.  Setting up a home loan for the first time can be a long term commitment!

First-Time Buyer Mortgage Advice

Looking for first-time buyer mortgage advice from a local firm?  Interested in discussing your loans and lending potential with a nearby firm with years of experience in lending advice?  We’re here to help borrowers at every stage of their home buying journey.

Finding your first home can be exciting, and we’re here to help make the process as simple as possible to understand and prepare for.

First Time Buyer Mortgage Rates

Interested in finding first time buyer mortgage rates nearby or in your surrounding areas?  Speak to a mortgage advisor for first time buyers today by completing our contact form.  We can arrange a free consultation with a local expert at your convenience. 

Getting on the ladder for the first time doesn’t have to be difficult!  Let us support you.


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