Fixed Rate Mortgage Advice

Fixed Rate Mortgage Advice

Having a fixed mortgage rate means that the interest rate on the loan will remain the same throughout.

Set Mortgage Loans

Set Mortgage Loans

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Set Home Loans

Set Home Loans

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Fixed Rate Mortgage Advice

Being a top-rated home loan specialist, we guarantee to seek out the right fixed rate mortgage advice to suit your needs from the thousands the market offers, presenting a full market selection that will not be outdone.

We will review your situation and give some expert advice to find the best fixed-rate mortgages for yourself. If you're purchasing your first property, completing a remortgage or trying to sell a current one, we can support you with trying to get a loan.


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We plan to make this process easier for you and help you choose the right options which are available and on the market.

Finding the best fixed-rate mortgage deal can be confusing, so please just ask for advice, and we can start working with you to get the most suitable fixed rate that suits your requirements.

What is a Fixed Mortgage?

A fixed-rate mortgage means that the interest rate you have to pay will remain the same throughout. You don't have to start paying increasingly more each time.

This will be consistent each month when you agree on the fixed rate mortgage deal for your property .

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Alternatively, you can consider variable rate mortgages in which the interest rate is not fixed and can change throughout your term. 

Why Should You Consider a Fixed-rate Mortgage?

Fixed-rate mortgages are beneficial as you are protected from any unexpected or sudden increases in mortgage payments, should interest rates spike. 

Your interest rates and monthly payments will stay the same throughout your mortgage agreement. So, you have the security of knowing your fixed rate will not fluctuate. 

Typically, a fixed rate deal will be in place for up to five years; you may have to switch to a variable rate or search for another mortgage deal. 

A fixed-rate option is ideal for individuals or families planning to stay in their homes for over ten years.

Speak with our advisors to learn more about what type of mortgage or insurance policy is best for your unique circumstances. We can help you find the best fixed-rate mortgage. 

What Happens at the End of a Fixed-rate Mortgage?

When your fixed-rate period ends, your mortgage will be switched to your lender's standard variable rate. 

A variable rate mortgage will likely be higher than your fixed instalments and fixed interest rate, so when your fixed period terminates, it might be wise to search the market to find another good deal. 

Our professionals can help you compare fixed-rate mortgages to find an option with achievable monthly repayments. 

Do Fixed-rate Mortgages Have Early Redemption Penalties?

Fixed-rate mortgages tend to hold early repayment charges if you attempt to pay off your mortgage before the fixed-rate period ends. 
An early repayment charge can be paid if you wish to terminate your mortgage policy early to switch to a better deal. 
Some policies won't incite an early repayment fee, so speak with our trusted advisors today to accurately compare mortgages today. 

How to Get a Fixed-rate Mortgage

If you are trying to work out how to gain a fixed-rate mortgage, you should follow these steps:

  1. Work out what your budget is. 
  2. Look at your credit score.
  3. Have proof of a regular income.
  4. Find the mortgage provider that is right for you.

These are just a few ways to gain fixed-rate mortgages in a way that is right for you. Just fill out the enquiry form provided, and we will help you get the mortgage that suits you.

Some mortgage providers, such as Halifax, can offer you a range of deals, so talk to us today to find out more.

Finding the Best Rates

One of our expert advisors will be available to offer personalised guidance and deal with every aspect of finding and getting fixed-rate mortgages.

They could also talk with the loan providers, solicitors and surveyors about every part of the plan, ensuring it goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Additionally, we could provide details on 95% mortgage loans, such as Help to Buy and shared equity strategies which might help you purchase a far better house than you could have believed possible.

Getting a home fixed loan doesn't need to be difficult, and your expert will always do what they can to ensure that your home purchasing experience is good.

To gain more information on how we'll make it easier to choose the ideal mortgage loan, you should fill out our contact box now.

It may be puzzling if you have questions about buying a home and getting your first mortgage.

These professionals will be on hand to resolve any queries you may have and make certain you’re kept informed on the full approach. We will even explain the buying process, including likely legal requirements, surveys, and other costs associated with buying.

You can also look here - to find out more about the market deals.

Set Home Loans

If you sign for a set home fixed loan, this gives you and your property a guarantee. 

Having a fixed rate allows you to budget each month as you know exactly what finances are going out; it also means that if interest rates rise, it will not affect you.

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