Help to Buy Mortgage Guarentee

Help to Buy Mortgage Guarentee

If you are a new buyer and wanting to find out more information about the loans and offers available, speak to one of our advisors.

Government Funded Mortgages

Government Funded Mortgages

There are lots of new buyers who are struggling to put a deposit down on a house, this is where the government has stepping in the help fund mortgages.

First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers

If you are a first time buyer, a mortgage can be very difficult to understand. This is why we are here to support you and make the process easier.

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Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee

The Help to Buy mortgage guarantee is for people who have been struggling to secure a deposit on their dream home or not had enough deposit to purchase a house. Now because the government have released a new scheme it allows borrowers to secure mortgages on properties.

The government are basically guaranteeing mortgage repayments to lenders, estate agents and brokers allowing them to only ask for a minimum of 5% deposit which will be much more affordable than the 20% which has been branded by recent mortgage providers.


The government guaranteed scheme means homebuyers will be able to start looking for their dream home but this property amount has to be a maximum value of 600k and the house needs to be within the UK and the offer only applies to individuals owning a single property. To find out more, look here - or speak to our team today. 

Guarantee Help To Buy Mortgages

The majority of mortgage lenders have praised this funding because will hopefully allow the UK to boom again in the sales of houses throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The initial plan was for this too start from January 2014 however this government scheme has been brought forward and is available from now to homebuyers.

The house market prices will inevitably rise in value should the demand and mortgages be in full flow so it could definitely turn into a buyers market very soon so if you are interested please fill in our contact form whee we will get back to you straight away with all the latest offers, rates, advice and advantages of this mortgage scheme.

What is a Goverment Funded Housing Loan?

A goverment funded housing loan was set in place for new buyers to purchase a home. People were struggling to find enough money for a house deposit but now the goverment guarentees to loan companies that they'll be paid. Providers such as Natwest have a range of deals for you to choose from.

If you'd like help with applying for a Help to Buy mortgage guarentee, we offer specialist advice that will help you discover the most suitable answer for what you require. Our help is free to you and our specialist team provide precise mortgage loan information personalised to fit your own situation. It’s crucial to choose a plan that is right for you, whether you are buying a new house or looking to remortgage your existing property.

First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting time, but with countless plans to make and questions to be resolved it can also be a bit challenging. This is exactly why we, as a first time buyers expert, offer a committed plan agent who can evaluate exactly how much you are able to borrow along with what it will cost you. You can also receive professional guidance on other additional charges including legal costs and building surveys that may be carried out.

Several options are available to help first time buyers with getting a home loan, and our team will advise you on each of the different plans. Shared equity lending options and many other deals may be used to help in looking for mortgages. Based on what's best for your needs, one of these choices may help you to buy the home of your dreams.

Affordable Housing Schemes

In 2013 the United Kingdom government began the affordable housing scheme, this allows individuals to have a down payment of just 5% to get a house. Through already helping more than ten thousand first time buyers and home sellers, the plans are becoming increasingly popular. Our team are pleased to talk you through everything you should know about the schemes. We'll also assist you through the scheme and purchase procedure.

Since you'll be working with your own personal expert you can rest assured that we will choose the right answer to all of your queries. The tasks associated with securing a home loan can be tough, but we will be available to help you with what you need.

With regard to new build properties, an Equity Loan is available with good value interest rates from some builders. To participate in this scheme, you need a down payment at a minimum of 5% as this entitles you to get a a 20% UK government equity loan along with a loan of 75% through a lender.

Another portion of the affordable housing schemes are that home mortgages of 95% could be provided through this plan, with the government offering 15% of it. Both new buildsand current homes are offered with this stage of the plan. Whether you want to find out more about mortgage guarantees or life cover then talk to us now. 

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One of our expert advisors will be available to offer tailored guidance and deal with all aspects of finding and getting a home. They'll also be handling lenders, solicitors and surveyors at each stage of the plan, ensuring it all runs smoothly from beginning to end. On top of that, we could also advise on 95% deals, which include goverment funded housing, affordable housing and shared equity schemes which can help you purchase a far better property than you might have ever thought was possible. Our goal is to make the process for purchasing a house as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Feel free to contact our experts to obtain extra advice on the best mortgage loan options for yourself.

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